WIDOW | Excerpts from a 3 hour durational performance-installation

Created and performed by Jil Guyon
Original Score: Chris Becker
Song: I Know by David Lynch

Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2017

Widow is a 3 hour solo, movement-based performance-installation. Confined within a fog infused white gallery space, the performer embodies a woman who struggles for psychic integration in the face of grief. The audience is invited to sit or stand anywhere within the space as she engages in a subtle energetic exchange with each spectator.

Excerpt from DESERT WIDOW, 2017

[CUE TO 9:40]

Created and performed by Jil Guyon
Original score: Mihoko Suzuki, with excerpts from Frederic Chopin, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Dusty Springfield
Cinematography: Valerie Barnes
Cello: John Popham
Sound design: Timothy Cramer
Outside eye: Michael Freeman

Abrons Art Center, NYC, 2016

Desert Widow combines solo, movement-based performance with video projection, chamber music, and digitally manipulated sound. The piece features a woman wearing a black dress, heels and unfurling belt approaching the audience with an unsettling, concentrated force.