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Excerpts from AT THE BORDERS OF ETERNITY (The Diary of Anne Frank)

Direction, Video, and Costume: Jil Guyon
Choreography: Jil Guyon with Katie Layton
Actress: Elfriede Irrall
Dance: Katie Layton, Ballet Conservatorium of Vienna
Lighting Design: Andreas Ryba

Performed at WUK, Vienna, Austria

At the Borders of Eternity is an interdisciplinary dance-theater work based on The Diary of Anne Frank. The person of Anne Frank is represented by 64 year old actress Elfriede Irrall. She appears not only as an historical representation of Anne Frank, but as who Anne Frank could have been had she lived. She is, as it were, possessed by the diary, functioning as a vessel through which the text speaks. But she is also Anne Frank herself—a girl at the end of her life, tired and fragile, yet possessing an inner strength and perception that expresses the maturity of one who has lived a full life.

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